Pakistan Textiles Industry is the largest and widest manufacturing industry that has essentially been Cotton based with subsequent processing. There has always been a dire need to introduce synthetic fibers in Pakistan to expand the capability and performance of textiles manufacturing. This step and initiation needs in-depth information, understanding of the process, ground knowledge, experience, exposure of synthetic fibers and its frequent usage. It does not entirely depend on selling synthetic fibers to the textiles industry, but also relies on developing the concept and all the goods/products right from scratch. The process itself is longer but due to the prolific endeavors by the team, we are learning, enhancing and flourishing nevertheless.
Farna Textiles is happy to have positive, impactful and most definite values that make its functioning more sustainable, it influences extraordinary relationship, consumers’ buying behavior, personal, social, psychological trust of its partners and customers on the whole in local industry:
We give special attention to our image and we never disregard the value of the following;

  • Beliefs & Professionalism.
  • Motivation, Inspiration & Team Working.
  • Creating Best Opportunities for Customers.
  • Customer Services & Customer Relationship.
  • Firmly adhering to Ethical Business practices.
  • Innovation & Environmental focus.
  • Innovative Outcomes with Sales & Marketing Strategies.

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