Director’s Message

Unfolding the vision and notion behind Farna is to ‘promote and endorse’ Pakistan’s Textiles Industry by facilitating them to opt for the most exceptional quality fibers and textiles raw materials & finishes, available across the world. This will lead to the productive initiations at many levels in terms of better product portfolio on the whole and additional value of goods consequently.

Excellence, reliability and finesse are the hallmark of Farna. We never overlook the high standards, and maintain them ethically to build a good level of understanding as well as fairness between the buyers and the suppliers.

Farna Textiles has a team of expert supervisors, managers and highly qualified Textiles Engineers graduated from well-known institutes around the world including Bolton University UK, National Textiles University Faisalabad and NED Karachi. Their specialized services are par excellence, distinctive and efficient round the clock helping Farna to grow, expand and flourish overnight.

We are at the top of our game, serving like a ‘bolt from the blue’ for the textiles industry of Pakistan. Our avid specialties encompass spandex, nylons, polyesters and other high tech synthetic fibers both from synthetic and regenerated & recycled origins. New Product Development needs team & coordination among various sectors and company like Farna Textiles works like catalyst to speed up such innovations . Let us all together lay the groundwork of productivity and fruitfulness in Textiles Sector of Pakistan and join our hands.

We need your constant support to knit the fabric of Pakistan textiles industry, with loops of help and coordination, let us not forget to weave it with amalgamating threads of honesty and dedication, and dye it with our passion & dreams.




BTEC, BSc. (Hons) Textiles technology & Marketing (U.K)